Saturday, April 3, 2021

What Are You Currently Reading? (11)

Hi there, friends! It's been aboooout a month since I last did one of these posts, so I figured it was time for another. Since then, I've been my regular mood-reading self. Meaning, I mostly spent time reading whatever I could get to hold my attention as I waited for the next Mariana Zapata book because that was released a couple of weeks ago and her books are auto-reads for me.

So yeah. I think that kind of makes it obvious what I'm about to say I'm reading this weekend, hmm?

First up...

All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata

Losing people you love is hard.

Aurora De La Torre knows moving back to a place that was once home isn’t going to be easy.

Starting your whole life over probably isn’t supposed to be.

But a small town in the mountains might be the perfect remedy for a broken heart.

Checking out her landlord across the driveway just might cure it too.

*Available through KindleUnlimited!*

How much I've read: nothing yet, lol

Thoughts: As I'm writing this, the book JUST released earlier today, so I haven't had the chance to start it yet. But I'm so excited!!! The perfect way to spend my long holiday weekend. It's on my Kindle, waiting to be started. And goodness knows this is going to be a good one, as pretty much all of MZ's books are!

I'm also reading...

Broke Down by Sharan Daire

My car broke down on an icy road in the middle of nowhere. I’ve got no money in the bank, no place to stay, and no food for my kids. Can it get any worse?

Sure. A police car pulls up.

The county sheriff calls his twin brother to tow my car for repairs that'll probably cost more than the beater is worth. They say don’t worry about it. They only want to help.

Sure they do.

These gorgeous guys just happen to have two friends who own a luxurious motel called Little Cypress Lodge. I walk into this incredible hotel and it's like I've entered a new fantasy world. It's warm, there's plenty of food for my kids, and they say I can stay. For free. As long as I need a place.

The four of them even want to hire me to do some modeling work for their new fashion line. Crazy, right?

Me. The broke down, homeless single mom.

If I can keep up the act long enough to make some deposits on a new place, I can start a new life for me and my kids. If I don't lose my heart first.

*Available through KindleUnlimited!*

How much I've read: 101 pages / 32%

Thoughts: This is such a fun RH brain candy read. Which is exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up. Things are really just starting to get rolling, but I'm enjoying the characters so far, and I'm looking forward to finishing the story! I'll probably finish it after I read ARLH though... because idk if I can help myself long enough to finish this one first, even though I am really liking

That's what I'm reading this weekend! What do you think? And I'd love to know what y'all are reading?! :)


  1. I am currently reading The Bookstore on the Beach by Brenda Novak.

  2. It's been too long since I've read one of Zapata's books. Hope you love it!!