Saturday, December 19, 2020

evermore Book Recs (Part 1)

For the past week, my life has been taken over by my new obsession with Taylor Swift's most recent album, evermore. So naturally, I want this week's post to intertwine with that--I'm going to give a few book recs based on songs from evermore.

This is just a starter list because I'm still processing the songs, their words, their meanings. So there will certainly be a part 2 and maybe more. Most of these will be off vibe/aspects of the book that I feel are reflected in the song.

~* willow *~

I feel like this one is obvious. After the music video for this one dropped, soooo many people were saying it gave them S&D vibes. It took me a little longer to see it, but yeah willow has some witchy vibes. Pair that with the thread of romance in the song, and this is a good fit.

~* dorothea *~

I actually had a couple of KA books come to mind for this one, but After the Climb was the first. Mostly because Duncan's view of Imogen (once he got over the grudge he was holding) reeeally fit the perspective of the song. "If you ever get tired of being known for who you know, you know you'll always know me" & "It's never too late to come back to my side" are lines that are *chef's kiss*

~* champagne problems *~

This is kind of a looser connection, but I read romance--which means happy endings. This song does not have one. But when I was brainstorming recs for this post, Intercepted came to mind for champagne problems because Marlee makes a choice in this book that takes some time to understand. A choice that was right for her, but could likely be viewed the same way the answer in the song was viewed. "Sometimes you just don't know the answer til someone's on their knees and asks you." 
(Luckily the characters are mature and things work out after that in a way that is good and healthy for both characters)

~* no body, no crime *~

In general, this song gave me Tarryn Fisher vibes. The only challenge was picking which book to pair here. For now, I'm going with The Wives. Because I think Este's paranoia early on in the song (that is then transferred to her friend once she goes missing) is very Thursday (and for good reason). Plus, both the song and the book are fun experiences, in their own way.

~* long story short *~

I feel like this song is SO Hazel. It's an upbeat, fun song, and Hazel is totally an upbeat, fun person. And I could totally see her embracing soooo many of the lyrics. "When the shoe fits walk in it til your high heels break." And the character growth? Perfect!

~* happiness *~

I know, I know, another KA book, but I couldn't help myself. happiness is such a poignant, mature song, and I wanted to do this rec as much justice as I could. I feel like the hurt in the song, the main message in the song, can very much be applied to Hixon's situation with his ex-wife. Especially if you think of this song as being from his ex-wife's POV. It totally fits. Especially "there'll be happiness after you, but there was happiness because of you" & "there'll be happiness after me, but there was happiness because of me" -- they show the growth in the story, both that has already taken place and is still to come. It's beautiful.

That's all I've got for this post! I'll definitely keep listening and brainstorming, and in the future hopefully I'll have at least one rec for each song (and maybe even some doubles...because I've already got one in mind for willow in particular). 

Now, please tell me what you think! Do you like my recs? Are there any books that you think fit well with songs on evermore? :)

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  1. Fun post! I haven't heard the new album yet, but I love the matching of songs to books.