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Pack Heat Volumes 1-3 by Sam Hall ~ Review

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Pack Heat Volumes 1-3 by Sam Hall

What's a girl to do. Jules is down on her luck, desperate for work when she stumbles onto the little town of Sanctuary. They offer her work, a place to stay, a steady source of income and them: a legion of hot men all looking for their mate. She's given the green light, no, outright encouraged to select as many as tickle her fancy to create a harem from.
If you like super, super steamy reverse harem romance, sinfully hot werewolves who are ready to please, you'll like the Pack Heat series. 18+ only because these pages are scorching with frightening regularity!

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I realize that this is three books in one, but since I read this omnibus version, the separation between books didn't mean much--I binged the whole thing. So I going to review this all together as one big book. I found this one in a thread on FB for recs of reverse harems where females were rare. The rest went down the way things normally do for me--I downloaded the sample, liked it enough to want more, and then grabbed the entire book. As a whole, I have very mixed feelings about Pack Heat.

This is one of those books that ended up in the middle of the road for me. There was stuff I LOVED, but there was other stuff that put me off. 

Let's start with the stuff I loved:

- The premise. This was the whole reason I picked up the book in the first place. It was a promising idea, and it did deliver in the ways I care about most. The RH romance was great. They were all devoted and loyal. The ultimate goal was happiness with their pack.

- The harem. These guys were so worth everything. Understanding, hot, caring, and protective all while letting Julie do whatever she needed to do to find her footing and figure things out. And there was such a variation of personalities that I think were displayed well throughout the entire trilogy. 

- The growth of the relationships. There is a whole heck of a lot of insta-lust (and just a lot of lust in general, which I'll mention later), but the rest of the important emotions took time to develop and I appreciated that. I also greatly respect that Julie had a mind to that as she selected her pack. 

- I especially love the evolution of things with Hawk and Jack. I'm not going to say too much because it's quite the experience to read, but that was my FAVORITE. 

- I appreciated that she didn't end up with everyone she was interested early on. *not saying anything more for the sake of not spoiling!*

Now for what didn't quite work for me:

- I feel like there was a lot I didn't care about. This is likely a personal preference, but a lot of what made up the ~big serious plot~ didn't entice me too much beyond how it affected Julie and her pack. I skimmed through a bunch to get to the stuff I cared about in the later portion of the trilogy (book 3).

- Sylvan...I wanted to like him especially, when we learned about what his bite meant but I got over that super quick. There was so much about him that turned me off. I felt for his situation, but...meh. Maybe in future books he'll be redeemed for me? idk. But in this trilogy I wasn't a fan.

- Okay. So. I am not afraid of steam or smut or straight up erotica. But in this series, I was here for the building of the relationships--like I said in the first half of this review. However, this trilogy is so heavily filled with sex. It wasn't bad. They were great, well written scenes. But once we got to the third book and important things are supposed to be happening and things were already hindered for just got too repetitive. I'm conflicted about listing this, though, because this is entirely a mood thing. Like if I re-read I probably won't be too bothered because I won't have to wade through all the sex to get to the important emotional bits--and I also know how important a lot of those scenes are. But for my first read-through, particularly in the third book, it was only okay.

Overall, Pack Heat was like crack for me. I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I loved the premise and the evolution of the relationships. But I also had to skim more than I'd prefer to get through to the stuff I liked the best. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a super steamy, fast-burn RH read. I did like it a whole lot. And I'll most likely be picking up the next book in the series. But this was not a favorite for me. 

3.5 stars - Super steamy fast-burn RH that I liked but unfortunately didn't love

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