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Paths (The Killers #2) by Brynne Asher ~ Review

Paths (The Killers, #2)Source: KindleUnlimited.

Paths (The Killers #2) by Brynne Asher

Maya Augustine needed to disappear—her life depended on it. When her path led her to the middle-of-nowhere Virginia, she found the perfect place to hide. A woman on the run, Maya had no business befriending anyone, let alone allowing herself to become involved with a man … especially after her last experience. Even so, she couldn’t help but become obsessed with the bruised, battered, and beautiful killer who walked into her life.

Grady Cain reached rock bottom. His past finally caught up with him, causing him to lose his edge at work and in life. Spiraling down a desperate path of remorse and guilt, Grady wasn’t expecting his refuge to come in the form of a woman. Day in—day out, she was the only thing he’d allowed himself to think about. To focus on. To consume him.

One was running. The other had nothing to run to.

Until these troubled souls crossed paths…

And two paths became one.

As I mentioned in my review for Vines, what got me started on this series was an interest in book 3. So after finishing book 1, I was ready to power through book 2 to get to where I really had my gaze set. But then book 2, Paths, ended up pulling me in and it was so good I flew through it out of genuine enjoyment.

While I mostly liked Grady in Vines, I wasn't sure how much I'd like him in this one based on what happened at the end of book 1. There were a few ways Grady could have went with his attitude and decisions, and luckily they ended up veering toward all the ways that made me fall head over heels for him. I loved him even more than I loved Crew. He was easy going, funny, and didn't fall back into past bad behaviors. He learned from his mistakes. I REALLY loved that.

As for Maya, she had the kind of backstory that always wins me over. She was also a good person who needed an opportunity to open up. The more time she spent with Grady and everyone at the vineyard, the more I liked her. And I was a huge fan of her family connections. She and her brother, and the revelation with her father. She had a lot going on, and I was here for all that complexity.

The storyline was honestly just the right amount of everything hold my attention and also not bore me. The romance dominated, but there was also a plot going on with Maya's past. That plot didn't drag at all or pull away from the romance so much that it bothered me. Everything hit all the right notes.

And the romance! Man. That romance. I love, love, loved the way it built. How it went from them being individually admiring to circumstances making their paths cross to oh-man-are-we-together to more and more and ahhhh it was so good. The perfect build up. Just like the plot, the romance hit all the right notes. It was beautiful.

Overall, Brynne Asher has written a lovely second installment to the Killers series. I loved Grady and Maya, and their story was a pleasant surprise of perfection. Very much looking forward to Asa's story in book 3!

5 stars - A lovely romance that hit all the right notes!

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