Friday, April 12, 2019

Torched by Donna Grant ~ Review

The King of Silvers. Cunning, perceptive, resourceful. Determined. Banished from Dreagan eons ago because of a betrayal that shattered his entire existence, his sole focus in life is to exact revenge against the Dragon Kings. A formidable fighter with centuries of rage on his side, Ulrik will stop at nothing to take down those who exiled him.

He has been alone, trusting no one for thousands of years. Until she walks into his life. He should not yearn for her, but there is no stopping the fiercely burning attraction. When he’s with her, he isn’t thinking of war or revenge. He only thinks about her, craves her. Burns for her. But soon he will be forced to choose: Will he continue on his course of destruction or will he be able to set aside his vengeance to save the woman who risked everything for him.

If someone asked me at the beginning of this series if I would ever love Ulrik or even like him, my answer would have no way!  But things change.  People change.  And thank goodness for that because I really do like Ulrik.  And no one is more surprised than me.

It takes something huge and amazing to cause the changes that took place in Ulrik.  The women who stopped him thinking about revenge shall remain unnamed in my review.  She is unique, though.  Unexpected and surprisingly powerful.  It's takes a woman like that to grab the attention of Ulrik.

From the very beginning of this series, Ulrik has been the bad guy.  Yet it's hard to hate him since he was betrayed by not only the human he loved but the Kings he called brothers.  The heat of that moment has lived within him for eons of time.  And while he's done bad things, I never saw him as evil.  And that has proven out as some of the deeds attributed to him have been shown to not be him at all.  But the bitterness in him is not gone.  He wants his old friend dead.  It's the only way to deal with the betrayal, or so he believes.

Yet life has a way of draining some of the pain away.  And others can help us see that revenge is not the right answer.  It does nothing to fix the past.  I like that this is demonstrated in this book.  Ulrik is captivated by this women.  She finds in him more than what he believes exists.  And a compromise might be possible.

I loved how the story unfolded and kept me hoping yet wondering what would come next.  This was one of my favorite books of this series.  Because it's not just Ulrik that needs to come to terms with the past.  It's not just Ulrik that has been represented as something that doesn't capture all of her.  And it's not just Ulrik that needs to understand and heal.

There is a powerful connection between these two.  They fight it and they want it in equal measures.  They can't seem to resist the force between them.  I very much enjoyed the romance and passion that captures these two.  Very satisfying.  

I can't wait for more from this series.  I'm getting caught up on this one and then I'm diving into the spin-off.  I can't wait for Con's book.  It's all so good.  If you love paranormal romance, then this series needs to be on your TBR list. 


The King of the Silvers will capture your heart in this one.

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