Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stacking MY Shelves ~ 5/12/13

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.  Make sure to checkout her post with links to all the other participates.

I was at RT this last week and books were a little crazy!  Here's some pictures.

Fuzzy Colorado Peeps! Cindi Madsen, Me and Anne Eliot

Monica Murphy & me

Nicole Williams and me

Our totally awesome bags made by the wonderful Autumn
We had the authors we saw sign them! So fun.



More books!

A gift from Abbi

MAJOR books this week! 

Here are more not related to RT

Gift from the Author - thank you
For review - from the author. Thank you.

From the publisher - thank you

From the author for review - Thank you

From the Publisher - Thank you

I think that's it.  Was a crazy week for books. 

What about you?

Leave me a comment.


  1. Ooh, that's some nice books you got there. I've been wanting to read Second Chance Boyfriend for a while :D
    Hope you'll enjoy it!

    Here's my STS :

  2. ooooh you have so many books!! I wanted to read Lost & Found and Faking it for a while now, so I hope you enjoy it and can't wait to read your review!!

  3. Wooo! I'm dying to read Lost & Found! It won't be too long before I cave and buy it. I got Faking It off Edel and I'm also excited about that one! And I got Untouched from Melody! Enjoy them all!

    My STS

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  4. Amazing books this week Val!! Excited for Faking It and Twisted Perfection! Glad you had an awesome time at RT!!

  5. Replies
    1. How did I miss getting pics of my pals? Thought we did. :(

  6. Love seeing the RT Pics. One of these years I will go. Heard good things about Faking It. Come visit me as well.


  7. Looks like you had a great week :) Thanks for sharing your RT pics with us :)

  8. ~Jaw drops~ I am so jealous of all of that! There are so many of those I want to read so bad. Enjoy!!!
    My IMM

  9. Man, RT was fun! Love the pics & looks like you have lots of fun books to read. I'm eying my Faking It now :)

  10. OMG what an epic haul!!! And those tote bags are super awesome!! Looks like you had a fabulous time!! One of these times I will get to a bookish event and get to meet authors and bloggers that I adore!

  11. I'm still jealous that you got that Drew+Fable bag! So much fun!!!

  12. Great event and cool books1 It is sad that you to get to see something like this in my country. :/

  13. I love all the pics Val! It looks like you girls had an awesome time at RT :) How exciting to meet so many great authors, and get all of those awesome books, and swag!!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape