Saturday, February 9, 2013

Intentional Dissonance by pleasefindthis ~ Spotlight & Giveaway

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Book Blurb:

NewLand, the last city on Earth after The End. Before The End, the world was on the cusp of widespread adaptation of technologies that should never have been invented. Popular use of teleportation polluted the fabric of time and space. The gifts of a select few meant a whole new world was about to erupt.

After The End, Jon Salt is addicted to feeling. In a world where the remaining populace is drugged into being happy, Jon escapes through his addiction to Sadness and his gift of bringing life to mere thoughts. A shadowy government department has taken an interest in his remarkable abilities and it’s a surreal and strange world that he tries to evade, but his efforts are impeded by his all-consuming obsession over Michelle, the only girl he's ever loved.


Thanks to the publisher, I have an eBook copy of Intentional Dissonance to give away!

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  1. This book sounds really cool. I love the concept, but I am always worried with things that are complex like that. Like will it be explained well enough and make some amount of sense. I love how simple the cover is too. Thanks for sharing Val!

  2. Hmmmm... I'm fairly positive this book is not for me, but Im sure there are readers out there who will love the concept. Thanks for sharing!