Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shift by M.R. Merrick

Source:  Received eBook from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

My Summary:

Blaming himself for his mother's death, Chase can't bare the idea of losing anyone else he cares about.  But everywhere he turns he's putting those very people in danger as he tries to protect the ring given to him by the Goddess.  Everyone is after it from his power crazed father to every demon this side of the underworld.  Then there's the circle who seems to think it's rightfully theirs.  All of this takes a backseat as Chase tries to find a way to keep Rayne from splitting into pieces as a beast tries to break free from inside her.  And Tiki is out partying until all hours, not to mention the strange pack that Willy is hanging with.  How is Chase supposed to keep everyone safe and stop his father at the same time?  And don't forget he's supposed to be training to learn how to control his still new elemental powers.  What is a gorgeous boy to do?    

My Thoughts:

5 stars: A must read

Can I just say ---- damn this book is a whirlwind!  If you love the action then bring this one on baby! Chase gets two breaths after one battle before all hell breaks loose again.  What is so fabulous about this read is that along with the fast paced ride, the characters are doing some growing.  Love that.  Chase is crushed by his mothers death and as he finds out more details about the events that surround it, he struggles more and more to reel in his emotions.  At the same time, his power is getting stronger.  He could easily rip a few people apart for their role in her death.  But he doesn't.  Anger is a constant companion but through the non-stop action, he learns what's really important.  He makes decisions that only he could make correctly and only after going through what he went through.  I really liked Chase in Exiled.  He was snarky and had just enough power to be kickass.  But I fell in love with him in Shift.  He grew into his role as leader of a rag tag group and managed to strengthen that group in the process.  I'm proud of you, Chase.

As for Rayne, I really didn't feel the connection with her in Exiled but I discovered her jealous devotion to Chase in Shift.  Thought she might claw some eyes out or something a few times - talk about almost cat fight.  Of course I totally love her now.  And Willy! Yay Willy - you rock you stuttering demon you!  I think the characters are my favorite part of these books.  They endure so much and I'm cheering for them through every battle.  I can't wait to see what happens next and if Chase can save the day.  I'm leaning towards yes but only after being drug through the underworld to do it.  =)

If you love a more urban fantasy feel with a few trips to the underworld thrown in along the way and some kickass characters with non-stop action, then this book is a MUST READ.  This one will have you up late to finish it.  Pick it up - you won't regret it!

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  1. Great review!! I loved this book more than Exiled, and I didn't think that was possible. This book was just non-stop and I loved it. Willy is so awesome in this one! I really love all of the characters, they are all so well developed.

  2. Awesome review Valerie! I'm so looking forward to reading this! I loved Exiled and I just know I'm going to love Shift :-)

  3. Nice review! I'm looking forward to reading this one. Hear great things!