Tuesday, February 1, 2011

low red moon by Ivy Devlin

low red moon by Ivy Devlin

5 stars


Avery just witnessed her parent’s brutal deaths. She doesn’t remember a thing. Well that’s not quite true. She does remember silver moving quickly. What does that mean? Who killed them and why? Avery lived in the forest with her parents. They taught her to love the forest to befriend it. They taught her at home until just the last year or so. She went to high school hoping to make friends but everyone there seemed to think she was different. She was different and it didn’t bother her. Her parents had taught her to be comfortable with who she was. Now she is shunned even by the one friend that she had. Now she is the only survivor of a brutal murder, the only witness. Now she lives with her Grandma, someone her Dad had nothing to do with and she hardly even knows. Enter the new boy, Ben. Ben is gorgeous and hot. Avery immediately feels connected to him. But his eyes, those brown eyes, sometimes flash silver. What is that? Could it be the silver from the night her parents died? Does she trust Ben? She is certainly drawn to him. Is she safe?

My thoughts:

Wow! I loved this book. It is the type of book that you read in one sitting because you can’t put it down. The author does a great job of weaving the paranormal world with a murder mystery. A lot of paranormal are all about the paranormal but this book is mostly focused on the murder mystery with the paranormal taking a side seat. That’s okay because they overlap a lot and because I think this book set the stage for a sequel with more paranormal.

I love wolf stories. This one is a good one. Ben is a wolf. Some of the myths are there and others are different. It is well crafted. The big difference from other wolf stories of late is that Ben isn’t sure how he will act or what he will do as a wolf. It makes for an interesting problem.

Ben and Avery have a very immediate connection. That connection drives the book and their relationship forward very fast. I think that adds to the paranormal aspects of the book. What is this bond between them? Is it dangerous? Should Avery stay away from Ben as his uncle wants her to? Can she stay away from him? Avery is isolated from every social part of being a teenager. Ben is hiding things. What about the murder investigation? Who can Avery trust?

If you are the paranormal type and can add some mystery then this is a must read. Add it to your TBR list and move it to the top! Enjoy the read.


  1. l love the sound of this! Glad you enjoyed it =)

  2. I enjoyed this one, but wish that I would have waited for the released, because I think I was missing pages.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog