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Disclaimer:  Neither of us make any money from Stuck In Books.  We have no affiliate links and we don't sell ad space.  The blog is a hobby and it actually costs us money every time we give something away.

Hi. My name is Valerie and I'm a math and computer teacher who loves to read.  I spend my life hanging out with teenagers and have developed a love for their books.  I love to read and share that passion.  There are books in my math/computer classroom, and I don't mean math books. =)

I pick up books off of student desks all the time to see what they are reading.  I love to talk to them about it.  They are frequently surprised that I've read the book they are currently reading.  Then they start asking me to recommend books to them.   I enjoy sharing that passion with them.  Hope you enjoy my blog.

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Hey! My name is Jessica. I'm 18, a college student, and (obviously) a complete bookworm. I love books. A lot. I'm one of those people who's always reading something. And if I'm not, I'm nagging somebody so I can get something to read. :)

I created a blog called Just a Booklover back in 2012 to talk all about my love of books. Now I'm putting that aside to join Val on Stuck in Books! I also review over at Bookish as their Indie Enthusiast, and I'm a contributor over at YA Bound where I have a swoon every Thursday and post on Sundays about all kinds of bookish shenanigans. 

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