Hop Sign-ups 2018

The last hop I will host will be the December 2018 hop.  After that hop, Stuck In Books will no longer host hops. 

If your post doesn't meet ALL of the guidelines, it will be deleted with no contact from me.
I will not be adding names back to the linky if the problem is fixed after I delete it.
Please only sign-up if you agree to the guidelines.

When I update the linky, I'm looking for the banner to find the post.  If it's not going to be at the top, on a special giveaway page, or some place else that makes it hard to find, PLEASE just send me the link.

Giveaway Hop Guidelines for ALL hops hosted by StuckInBooks

Some states have made changes their contest laws.  You must include a free entry way to enter with no restrictions.  This means there can't be a mandatory entry like following.  Because of this, I am changing the way I create my rafflecopters.  I'm weighting with the number of entries each for any entry that requires an action, such as follow.  Then the free entry is the smallest number.  Because of this, I will not limit the number of entries but the number of ways to enter.  Eight total ways to enter - but you can have each one worth up to 5 each.  Here is an example of what it should look like.

  • Must follow the theme of the hop
  • MUST feature a BOOK in some way
  • Multiple books and giveaways allowed
  • Gift cards allowed
  • MUST NOT require a purchase to win
  • Must be an actual giveaway and not just a way to promote technique (an example:  Naming a character in a book after the winner)
  • Must be unique to the hop
  • You are responsible for finding the giveaway and getting it to the winner
  • StuckInBooks is not responsible for prizes not delivered or prizes lost in the mail.
  • StuckInBooks is not responsible to mediate issues between the posting blog and the winner.
  • MUST include the Hop banner
  • MUST include the linky or a link to StuckInBooks post
  • Total of 8 ways to enter but each may be worth up to 5 each
  • No manatory entry
  • Posts not up by 12AM EST the morning of the HOP are subject to being deleted from the linky
  • Posting early is encouraged
  • If you do post early, send the host your link
  • Add your shipping restrictions to the end of you name in the linky
  • DO NOT tag @StuckInBooks in your rafflecopter tweets
  • Sites participating cannot require sign-up to view post

Available sign-ups

Still accepting sign-ups!

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