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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eve and Chase from THE ONE reviews Obsidian

You know that I loved Obsidian but what about a hot alien's POV?
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NOT that hot alien.  A different one. 

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There are some seriously HOT aliens in THE ONE.  Liam of the is MINE! I'll, maybe, let you see him on another day.  Right now, I'm keeping him all to myself.  I do have Eve and Chase here to talk to you about Obsidian.  AND Chase is certainly a HOT ALIEN!

Rodrigo Guirao Diaz as Chase - click for more pics

Welcome Eveline and Chase from THE ONE by Heather Self.

Eveline: What are you doing?
Chase: Shh…
E: Did you just shush me?
C:  *holds up finger*
E: Chase, why…
C: Shhhh. Busy finishing this.
E: *fuming silently*
C: Ok. Done. Now, I think it should be obvious what I was doing, Eveline.
E: But that’s MY book, Chase.  I wouldn’t think young adult lit interested you.
C: *shrug* He’s a hot alien, apparently. I’m a hot alien. We have something in common.
E: We’re dragons—Kin—Chase. Not aliens.
C: *raises eyebrow* Semantics, Evy.
E: *rolls eyes* *fidgets* So, umm…what did you think?
C: *grinning wickedly* I’m so glad you asked, love. I really like this Daemon guy.
E: *snorts* You would.
C: You don’t like him? Because if you say you don’t, I’d have to call BS, love.
E: Well, I don’t know that he’s necessarily likable until later in the book. He treats Katy pretty badly, even if he is ridiculously hot.
C: But Katy holds her own against him and doesn’t let him get away with treating her like crap.
E: That doesn’t excuse the mixed signals he constantly gives her. “I want to make out with you, but I really can’t stand you.” That’s ridiculous. If he wants to be with her, if he’s attracted to her, he should just tell her and not be such a dbag about all of it.
*Pregnant silence*
C: *slow exhale* Sometimes…sometimes it doesn’t matter what a person wants. Sometimes, to protect the people we love, we have to push away the thing we want the most, because them not being in the world is a whole lot worse than the alternative. *clears throat* I think this Daemon kid is all right. His motivations are obvious, though Katy seems a bit dense about them even with all her book smarts. She’s cool though. The book was entertaining. You can recommend a read to me any day, Evy.
*Evy staring in stunned silence* *Chase tosses her the book, moves to leave room*
C: You should let Kieran read it while he’s laid up. He may learn something.
E: *rolling eyes* Oh? What’s that?
C: *winks* That the alien will get the girl, love.


Yay! Aren't they fun?!?! I love Chase.  You should definitely check this book out.

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